is a Great Healthy Resource

In my never-ending quest for valid health information I have found the great website nutritiondata. It gives you a cornucopia of health information attached to almost any food. They even have many foods from fast foods joints and popular restaurants.

For instance, if you wanted to know the nutritional content of raw strawberries, you would just type in ‘strawberries’ in the search box at the top right of nutritiondata. If you did this you would see the following:

You can even fine tune your research to look in specfic food categories.  One of my favorite searches is to use the Nutrient Seach function.  You can find the foods with the highest or lowest of a certain nutrient (e.g. sodium, fiber, fat or even calories).

Check out and you might be surprised how healthy or unhealthy something is that you are currently eating.  You know many fast foods are unhealthy, but now you can see how unhealthy.

Have fun researching.  Any interesting finds yet?