Top 6 Alternative Well-Paying Health Jobs

Health Jobs

Two or more decades ago, everyone in the health care industry was either a medical doctor or a nurse. These were two famous health jobs people always dreamt of garnering in one way or another. Nowadays, it is quite evident that the health care field is populated with considerably high number of new job opportunities that are booming in terms of pay and popularity. Such an increase can be associated with the fact that there is an increasing population of aging people, people who want to live with good health as long as they want and new health care technologies.

It is important to mention that health care job opportunities can stymie you in the job market as long as you have the necessary qualifications. The following is a list of top 6 well-paying health jobs in the health care industry if you don’t want to be a doctor or a nurse.

1. Pharmacist

This is one of the best well-paying jobs in the United States. A pharmacist earns approximately $106, 000 on salary alone, excluding other allowances. As a pharmacist, your work is to know the composition, prescription and possible side effects associated with certain drugs. This enables you to counsel patients on what medications to use and the ones to avoid.

2. Physician assistant

While attending to more specialized matters, a physician can delegate tasks like providing treatment and counseling patients to an assistant. It is also one of the well-paying health jobs with a salary of about $85,000. Due to an aging population in the rural areas, the demand for physician assistants’ jobs is expected to grow in the near future.

3. Radiation therapist

This job mainly involves the analysis, diagnosis and prescription of X-ray and Ultrasound results provided to you by a radiologist. It may include preparation of equipment and maintenance of accurate medical records. It is an excellent well-paying health job that pays approximately $77,000 as salary. This job attributes its growing popularity to the increasing number of cancer patients globally.

4. Physical therapist

Rehabilitation programs can greatly help improve the living standards of people adversely affected by serious illnesses or injuries like paralysis. This is actually the role of a physical therapist. However, it needs you to organize your program in a manner that helps your patients. To help certain people realize that they can make it again in life, a physical therapist job requires you to be half drill sergeant and half teddy bear. It pays approximately $76,000.

5. Occupational therapist

In this health job, you need to help people coming back from serious illnesses relearn their daily living jobs, especially if they lost very important parts like limbs and senses. It is also one of the best well-paying careers with a salary of about $70,000. If you enjoy helping people come back to their previous tasks and responsibilities, this is the right job for you.

6. Nuclear medicine technologist

This is another well-paying health job with a salary scale of about $68,000. Nuclear medicine technologist job comes with responsibilities like tracking dangerous elements that can life-saving information. However, it requires that you know such elements interact with the patient to fight some serious medical illnesses like cancer.

Majority of these jobs require that you start from an entry level position provided that you have a certificate from an accredited institution. However, you may acquire a masters or bachelor’s degree course in your field of choice. You may also study online by pursuing only accredited online programs.

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