Product Review: Brooks Ravenna 4 Running Shoes

When I first started running last year I needed a new pair of running shoes. I settled for the New Balance 1080 V2 running shoes. These shoes were fine, but they didn’t seem to help my slight over-pronation. Once I had reached 400 miles with these shoes I knew I needed new running shoes. Here’s the story of me and the Brooks Ravenna 4.

Last month I picked up a copy of Runner’s World Magazine and I saw their write-up on their 2013 Spring Show Guide. The Brooks Ravenna 4 is the Best Buy in the Runner’s World Magazine’s 2013 Spring Shows Buying Guide. It said these shoes are between neutral and support. They are snazzy looking and I’ve read a lot of great reviews. Plus they are only $110. This all sounded good to me so I decided to go out and check these shoes out.

I went to my local running shoe store and tried out the Brooks Ravenna 4 running shoes and when I first put them on I was hooked. As someone else commented on the shoes you feel you are being propelled forward when you first put these shoes on. They felt very comfortable to me in the store. I was more than happy to buy them and really road test them.

Well, I’ve now run a 10K, a 10 miler and a half marathon with these shoes and I couldn’t be happier. I had a PR (personal record) for each race and I think these shoes are partly responsible. These shoes are the perfect blend of cushion and support as well as handle my slight over pronation. I plan on getting another pair of these shoes when I reach about 400 miles with these shoes I will be buying another pair of the Ravenna 4 or Ravenna 5 (if they’ve created those yet).

If you want to run fast and be seen ( you know you like the flashy green color of these shoes). Run to your local running shoe store and try out the Brooks Men’s Ravenna 4 Running Shoes I recommend these shoes and I also recommend wearing a green shirt when running and you definitely will be noticed.

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