What’s Your Real Age? Find Out on RealAge

On Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz’s website, RealAge there is a health quiz you can take which will help you along to reach your healh goals. The quiz focuses in on your health numbers, habits, relationships, diet and fitness.

This RealAge health quiz is pretty comprehensive and the results and advice are very informative. Sample questions are: “On a typical day, about how many hours do you sleep?”, “What is your total cholesterol level in mg/dL?”, “What is your HDL cholesterol level in mg/dL?”, “How often do you floss?”, “How many close friends and relatives do you have including your spouse and children?”, “How often do you eat breakfast in a typical week?”, “How many servings of VEGETABLES do you eat per DAY? and “On average, how often do you do AEROBIC EXERCISE?”.

Once you have finished the quiz, your ‘Real Age’ will be calculated. Obviously, the younger (lower) your Real Age, the better it seems for your overall health. No one is perfect, so detailed information will be given on how to improve and lower your Real Age. This is called ‘My Grow Younger Plan’.

My results? Well, my calendar age is 40.4 and my Real Age of 34. That’s good, but I want to lower that number some more. Among the items in my grow younger plan I’m told that I need to raise my HDL (good cholesterol), like my dentist it tells me that I need to floss EVERY day {OK, OK!} and I need to eat more grains and work more on strenth training. I can’t argue with any of that.

I will now keep my account upated and maybe I can lower my Real Age even more. We all have things we need to work on to be healthier. This is a great tool to help you do that. I recommend that everyone creates an account with RealAge and takes the quiz and keeps up with their health information.

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