5 Natural Ways to Treat Dental Pain

Dental pain affects most of us from time to time and it can range from mild pangs to being extremely painful. Many of us reach for the painkillers before arranging a trip to the dentist when we have toothache, but there are some natural remedies and measures available for those who prefer not to go down the medical route just yet .

Dental pain can be caused by a number of factors including:

  • Tooth sensitivity, which is associated with enamel wear and the dentin becoming exposed.
  • Toothache caused by injury, decay or trauma.
  • Soreness caused by inflammation of the gums, which is symptomatic of gum disease.

Here are some natural ways to treat dental pain:

  1. Focus on prevention

Dentists are big fans of the motto, ‘prevention is better than cure’ and focusing on prevention definitely pays off when it comes to oral health. Gum disease and decay are very common but can be prevented very easily, in fact they are the most preventable diseases in the dental world!

Pay attention to your oral hygiene routine by brushing twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and make sure you attend regular dental check-ups. Flossing is also really important and you should take care with your diet as sugary and acidic foods are particularly damaging for oral health. These sugary foods wear the protective enamel down, leaving the teeth exposed and vulnerable to damage and infection.

  1. Clove oil

Biting down on a cotton wool ball soaked in clove oil is an old way of dealing with tooth pain, but modern dentists still admire the healing properties of clove oil. You can buy natural pain relief remedies, which contain clove oil, in pharmacies. You can also stick to the traditional method of soaking cotton wool in clove oil.

Clove oil is also an effective natural treatment for bad breath.

  1. Gargle with salt water

Salt water isn’t the most enticing drink, but it can make the world of difference to your oral health, especially if you have tooth pain. Gargling warm salt water helps to kill bacteria and cleanse your mouth, reducing the risk of gum disease and bacterial infection.

  1. Sip ice cold water

Ice cold water can provide rapid relief for sore gums and ease pain caused by braces. The iciness of the water helps to soothe the gums and decrease the tightness of braces when they just been fitted or tightened. Take a look at our braces reviews to see which braces are suitable for you and how to ease any discomfort.

  1. Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is a very effective natural remedy for pain. It has many similar properties to clove oil, but many prefer it, as it tastes much better.

When should I see my dentist?

Toothache often comes and goes but if you have persistent toothache or pain that gets worse over the course of time, you should see your dentist. Often, toothache is symptomatic of decay or infection and treatment should be administered as early as possible to prevent the situation from deteriorating.

If you are not scheduled to see your dentist for a routine check-up, you should contact your practice and book an appointment to consult with them earlier. It is important not to wait until your next appointment comes around, as your condition may have worsened by then.

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