Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Do you like coffee? If you’re reading this, you probably do. I know coffee, like eggs, seem to be healthy for us one week and proved unhealthy for us the next week. Well, you may be happy to hear that coffee really does have many health benefits.

Recent studies have found no connection between coffee and an increased risk of cancer or heart disease. So why did we think there was a link between coffee and health issues? It is now reported that earlier studies didn’t always take into account that known high-risk behaviors, such as smoking and physical inactivity, tended to be more common among heavy coffee drinkers at that time.

Drinking coffee, like pretty much all other food and drink, should be done in moderation. That means up to 5 cups of coffee a day. Also, keep in mind that coffee accompaniments such as cream and sugar add fat and calories to your diet. And heavy caffeine use — on the order of four to seven cups of coffee a day — can cause problems such as restlessness, anxiety, irritability and sleeplessness, particularly in susceptible individuals.

Here are some of the health benefits of drinking coffee:

  • high content of antioxidants, which is great in fighting diseases
  • about a 65% decreased chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia later on in life
  • consuming one to two cups of coffee daily reduced their risk of dying from a cardiovascular disease by as much as 38%
  • proven to increase athletic endurance as well as general coordination and performing abilities in serious athletes
  • long-term coffee drinkers had a significantly reduced risk of developing type-2 diabetes
  • may significantly cut your risk of Parkinson’s disease. Drug companies are designing experimental drugs that mimic coffee’s benefits to your brain5
  • men who drank three cups per day had a 30 percent lower risk of prostate cancer
  • caffeine found in coffee is helpful in alleviating headaches and treating asthma
  • a 2011 study found that women who drank more than one cup of coffee per day had about a 25 percent lower risk of stroke than women who drank less
  • lowered risk of depression
  • helpful in preventing alcohol-induced cirrhosis
  • male participants who drank three or more cups of coffee on a daily basis had a 10 percent chance of living longer than those who chose to not drink coffee at all, while women who consumed the same amount of coffee had a 13 percent chance of living longer than those women who did not drink any coffee

About caffeine and other issues: Some people are caffeine sensitive and don’t tolerate it well, or have problems sleeping if they have caffeine too late in the day. Contrary to popular belief, darker roasts typically contain less caffeine than lighter roasts due to the prolonged heat breaking down more of the caffeine molecules. If you have an issue with decreased adrenal function, use coffee with care, as it can be hard on your adrenal glands. Coffee also has a diuretic effect, so if you have problems with electrolyte imbalance, you might want to avoid it.

So whether you brew your own coffee beans or drink from Keurig K-cups you can feel good while drinking your daily dose of coffee. Drink to your health.

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