5 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

Even in the comfort of our own homes, staying healthy is an eternal challenge but traveling to a foreign city makes it especially difficult. Here are some tips for staying healthy while on the go.

1. Check out local grocery stores. Stocking up in local supermarkets is not only a great way to save money and eat healthier, it also opens a window into the soul of a new culture. The wildly elaborate processed meats section of German grocery stores or the French baked goods section serve only as the most obvious examples. Whether or not you have cooking facilities at your disposal, buying food in the grocery store will cut down on both frivolous spending and calories. Check out the produce section and buy some fresh fruits! Running - Flickr: Samsjnr - 5 tips for staying healthy while traveling
2. Go for a jog. Running is a great way to discover a new city from a totally different perspective. Take a good look at your map before getting started and just go. European cities tend to be filled with parks and canals which are both great ways of exploring and seeing the city in a way that you can’t really get from a tour guide. If you’re up for it, marathon tourism has really come into vogue in the last few years. Check out some of Europe’s most interesting marathons, here. Fast Food - Flickr: Sephen-oung - 5 tips for staying healthy while traveling
3. Stay away from fast food. Fast food is never more tempting than while traveling or bored, sitting in an airport lounge. It’s so easy to fall prey to the lure of its simple familiarity and efficiency, but resist! Food is an important part of expanding cultural horizons so don’t miss out by indulging in the high-caloric intake of fast food. Anyway, often it will leave you feeling bloated and lethargic which is no way to get the most of your journey. Cyclist - Flickr: N02 - 5 tips for staying healthy while traveling
4. Rent a bike. Much like jogging, biking is an excellent way to stay active while exploring a new place. Rental places are generally quite common throughout Europe and your hotel/hostel reception should be able to direct you to the nearest, best and cheapest options. Biking also gives you the freedom and ease to check out the less centrally located attractions.
Preparation - Flickr: Question_Everything - 5 tips for staying healthy while traveling
5. Be prepared. While this may seem quite general advice, it is the easiest way to stay healthy while traveling. This means, carefully packing your day bag with snacks, water, sun cream or anything else which you deem necessary. Staying hydrated is key and bringing healthy snacks along will help deter the cravings. As for sun cream, this is an obvious one, take care of your skin!

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