Trick or Treat: Nutritional Data for Popular Halloween Candy

Millions of children along with adults will be out this Halloween dressed up in who-knows-what gathering up all the candy they can carry.  At the end of the night there won’t be too many ‘healthy’ items in that goodie bag or leftover candy that you bought to give out visit this site.  Either if it is you or your children who eat the candy, it would be interesting to see just how many calories and sugar is in each little candy item.  We can separate the relatively good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to calories and grams of sugar from these sweet treats.  Below are many of the most popular Halloween candies with their amount of calories and grams of sugar.

 Not So Scary

Jolly Rancher hard candy (3 pieces)50 calories, 7 grams of sugar

Smarties (1 roll)25 calories, 6g sugar

Nerds (1 small box)50 calories, 12g sugar

3 Musketeers fun-size bar63 calories, 10g sugar

Tootsie Pop60 calories, 10g sugar

 A Little Scary

Snickers fun-size bar80 calories, 8.5g sugar

Skittles fun-size pack60 calories, 11g sugar

Starburst (4 candies)80 calories, 11.3g sugar

Milky Way fun-size bar75 calories, 10g sugar


Milk chocolate M & M’s fun-size bag90 calories, 11.5g sugar

Butterfinger fun-size bar100 calories, 10g sugar

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup105 calories, 10.5g sugar

Brach’s Candy Corn (13 pieces)98 calories, 21.5g sugar

I don’t know, maybe for some treats it would be healthier to wear the candy instead of eating them.  Have a great Halloween.  Think about moderation and also be safe out there.

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