Are You Making These 10 Hair Blunders?

While some women are blessed with the kind of hair they want, most women struggle with perfect styling and hair problems throughout their life. Using too many hair care products and styling tools in an incorrect way may cause more damage than doing any good to your hair. Read on to know whether you are making these 10 hair blunders:

Blunder #1. Over Washing

Don’t: Experts suggest not washing your hair every day. Over washing may strip off natural oils of the scalp leaving your hair dry and brittle. 

Do: Shampooing your hair on every other day and even every third day is best for your hair. If you need to freshen up in between, just spray some water near the roots and blow dry.

Blunder #2. Over Relaxing

Don’t: Avoid relaxing your hair if it is already treated or processed. Over relaxing may cause damage to hair leading to breakage and hair loss.

Do: Always go to a hair dresser for relaxing hair treatments. In case you have over relaxed hair, correct it with appropriate protein treatments, masks and conditioners.

Blunder #3 Use of blow dryer/ Heat styling tools on dripping wet hair

Don’t: Never use heat styling tools on dripping wet hair. It over-dries the hair and follicles stealing the softness of your hair. This leaves hair brittle and prone to breakage.

Do: Hair care experts suggest letting your hair dry completely before applying curling tools or flat irons. If you are using blow dryer, make sure your hair is damp, not wet or it may cause damage.

Blunder #4. Cutting your own hair

Don’t: Never cut your own hair specially bangs, if you don’t know how to do it or you may end up looking silly. When women try to cut their own bangs without any experience, they tend to make hair short.

Do: Always go to your hairdresser for taming or cutting your bangs or learn how to do it effectively without making a mess. 

Blunder #5. Not getting your hair trimmed

Don’t: It is always better not to leave your hair untrimmed for too long. It may lead to hair damages like split ends and limit hair growth.

Do: Always get your hair trimmed and cut by a professional hair dresser, so that your hair is free from damaged ends. Trimming your hair regularly promotes hair growth. So if you want long hair, visit your salon regularly.

Blunder #6. Applying conditioner on scalp

Don’t: Avoid applying conditioner on your entire head. When you cover your scalp with it, it creates a film resulting in blocking pores and built up. 

Do: Just concentrate on the ends and apply conditioner more towards ends instead of the scalp. This will provide luster to the hair strand without affecting the production of natural oils from the scalp.

Blunder#7. Intense towel drying

Don’t: Never dry your hair roughly by rubbing a towel. This may cause damage to the cuticle and hair strands resulting in rough, brittle hair. Such hair becomes more prone to damage and breakage.

Do: Instead you may blot your hair with a towel and use your fingers to shake your hair so that it is partially dried. You may also use an old T-Shirt to absorb excess water from hair instead of using a towel.

Blunder #8. Removing tangles inappropriately

Don’t: Hair tangles are common but getting irritated over them is not the solution. Never use an incorrect brush to eliminate knots. This may cause damage to hair shaft and break it easily.

Do: Have patience while detangling. Apply a conditioner and detangle your hair using your fingers. Now use a wide tooth comb to remove knots. In this way you will not damage your hair while detangling.

Blunder #9. Avoiding hair care during night

Don’t: Never forget to take care of your hair while you sleep. Avoid using cotton pillow cases as they tend to absorb moisture from your hair leaving it dry and prone to breakage.

Do: Using silk pillowcases for your head is the best way to keep your hair from drying out. This helps in maintaining moisture and volume both and keeps your hair in good condition.

Blunder # 10. Fastening ponytail in same spot 

Don’t: Hair tends to get caught in rubber and elastic bands used for tying a pony tail and gets weaker. Never fasten your pony tail in the same spot every day. It may weaken a particular part of your hair.

Do: Always change the position half inch upper or lower everyday to make sure you are not damaging your hair. Use seamless band to reduce hair breakage caused due to rubber and elastic bands.

Author bio:
Owen Dore is a blogger for Mole Remover Cream who gives best remedies to remove unwanted moles. She loves to blog on skin care, beauty and health related blog. In her free time she used to read new research in skin care and beauty.