7 Effective Procedures To Get Rid Of Unwanted Stretch Marks

get rid of unwanted stretch marksLet’s admit it, the sight of horrible and greyish stretch marks on your arms, thighs, hips or stomach area is outright disconcerting. You have your favorite outfit, cosmetics and accessories in place to complement you on a special occasion, but everything seems to go in vain because of those undesirable stretch marks! Especially for women, this is the cause of great chagrin and probably even sleepless nights! Appearance of stretch marks is becoming increasingly noticeable day by day among people and without exaggeration, it has got to do a lot with their current lifestyles.

Why stretch marks occur?

The outer layer of the skin which is known as the epidermis, is firmly supported by the middle layer called the dermis. There is a dense and strong presence of fibres in the dermis that are intricately bonded together. When there is a sudden expansion or contraction of the skin, due to any particular reason, the pressure falls on those fibres, making them turn thinner and eventually break down. Stretch marks appear on the dermis, thus weakening its grip on the epidermis. This leads to sagging of skin and hence, leads to the formation of stretch marks.

At first stretch marks appear reddish in color due to the visibility of blood vessels and torn fibres of the dermis. Later, they fade into grey or silvery white color, mainly when the blood vessels contract and only the layer of fat present under your skin is visible.

Some factors leading to stretch marks

  • Pregnancy: during pregnancy, a woman undergoes a number of physical and emotional transformations. The skin around her stomach, hips and wait expand suddenly and largely while she is on her to get the baby bump. This sudden stretching causes stretch marks.

  • Sudden weight gain or loss: this mainly happens when you fall prey to the yo-yo diet syndrome. It robs off all the healthy fats and nutrients from your body, leading to the formation of stretch marks.

  • Puberty: usually when physical developments take place because of the change in hormones, skin near the breast, hip and thigh area expands suddenly.

  • Genetic: when you have a family history of people who had the tendency of developing stretch marks.

Now, if you have agonized enough and are under the impression that you would never ever get rid of those ugly marks on your skin, take heart, as you have options for that. There are some natural as well as commercial treatments to get rid of stretch marks or at least reduce them to a considerable extent.

* Natural

You could try out these natural tips if you wish to get back your original skin. The natural measures mentioned below would help you a great deal in healing stretch marks largely, if not completely.

#1 Improve Your Diet

The most important nutrient to nourish your skin is Vitamin E, proteins and healthy fats. Load up on fruits like apples, oranges, strawberries, kiwis, bananas and vegetables like spinach, broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, beetroots & beans. If you are a non vegetarian, you could make good use of a fish diet, mainly oily fish like salmon, which is rich in omega 3. Also, add almonds to your diet as they would supply your skin with natural oils.

#2 Sweat It Out

Nothing substitutes a good work out. When you exercise the overall blood circulation of the body improves. Work out in the morning, especially in nature, as it would ensure sufficient supply of oxygen to your skin. Make strength training an integral part of your exercise regimen and no, you do not need to join a gym for that. Simple exercises like squats, lunges and push- ups can tighten your muscles, thereby healing stretch marks.

#3 Oil Massage

Invest in some extra virgin olive oil or pure almond oil. Massage the areas of your body which have stretch marks with these oils twice a day, especially before bedtime. If you have a little more time, add some powder of mint leaves. You would be elated with the results!

#4 The Coffee Scrub

Next time you brew some coffee for yourself,  do not throw away the sieved residue of the coffee powder/ beans. Let it cool down to room temperature. Then mix it with some wheat germ oil, mint leaves, granulated sugar and few drops of lemon and mix well. Scrub your body with this homemade mixture and rinse off after 15 minutes. This would reduce the appearance of the stretch marks up to a large extent.

#5 Commercial

If you have an unusual amount of stretch marks, since many years and the natural tips just do not seem to make them vanish completely, then you could choose to go for commercial or artificial treatments in order to get back your original and beautiful skin. Everything that makes you happy and confident is good. However, research thoroughly and pay extra heed to the measures recommended regarding artificial treatments.

#6 Microdermabrasion

This technique resurfaces the skin by treating it with small, fine crystals, which remove the epidermis. This method however is not efficient in removing stretch marks completely but could certainly reduce them in appearance.

#7 Endermologie

This technique is more effective in the permanent healing of stretch marks. It involves the use of a machine and treats the skin by suctioning and also with rollers. It could take several sessions of Endermologie to get that renewed but the results are definitely worth it.

* Surgical treatment of stretch marks

This is the most common and invasive type of stretch marks treatment and has the longest recovery time. It involves complete removal of any sagged or stretch marked skin through surgery. The success rate of this technique is the highest.

Advantages of getting an artificial treatment for stretch marks

#1 Gaining back the original You

Undergoing any kind of surgical or artificial treatment for curing stretch marks is a wonderful way to get back that renewed and replenished skin texture which you once had as a young girl . So in a way, you are born again!

#2 Permanent removal of stretch marks

There is no doubt that these treatments require a specific amount of money and time, but the results are usually not less than remarkable. Permanent removal of stretch marks is like a dream come true for a person who has long withstood the embarrassment that thee marks must have caused.

#3 Boosts Confidence

Nothing boosts your morale more than getting back into a groovy set of shorts, cool skirt or a sporty ganji. These are usually the after effects of getting your stretch marks removed completely.

Disadvantages of getting an artificial treatment for stretch marks

#1 Any skin damage is not compensated by insurance

In case you happen to get any part of your skin damaged while getting a skin treatment, it would not be covered by medical insurance. So you would have to put up with the money and beauty loss yourself.

#2 Inefficient surgeries could harm you

Be very careful before choosing surgeon for surgical removal of stretch marks. If you happen to fall in inefficient hands, then that skin treatment could cause a major damage to your body, which might be irrepairable.

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