Avoid Eating These 8 Fatty Foods Before Going To Bed

Fatty Foods

So you are habitual of staying up late at night either to watch TV or talk to your boyfriend or surf the internet all night. If you are one of those who can stay up till 6 in the morning and then sleep in tight till the afternoon, you are much more prone to reach out for junk foods which are high in refined carbs. The consumption of foods which are loaded with refined carbohydrates and high calorie content are a complete disaster for your digestive system, especially before going to bed. This is because our digestive system requires rest at night after working non-stop throughout the day. And if you load it with another chunk, it would surely advance towards a future collapse.

The problem is that many of us are well aware of this fact, still indulge into these foods just before going to bed, simply to feed our anxiety, fear, depression or plain boredom. These mainly consist of junk food and sweets which have mood altering & stress releasing elements into them.

Why Do People Indulge Into Comfort Foods At Night?

      • They worry too much
      • They going through great emotional pain
      • They are prone to depression
      • Have high demanding jobs which require them to work late nights
      • Suffer from insomnia
      • Have trouble living in the moment
      • Addicted to the internet
      • They are crash dieting since morning

What Not To Eat Just Before Going To Bed

Fatty Foods Before Going To Bed

White Pasta

There is no doubt that the idea of gorging on a hot and spicy pasta right in the middle of the night stimulates your senses no ends. However before you jump out of your bed to prepare or click that order button on your phone to get your lip smacking dish, remember that white pasta is very high in refined carbohydrates and easily breaks down in the stomach after eating. It releases a high content of glucose which raises the sugar level of the blood instantly, and this sudden fluctuation could be the cause of diabetes.


You are glued to your couch watching that thriller on the television where the mystery has not yet been unraveled and you are feeding your pangs of your anxiety in your gut by taking big bites of that king size and juicy chicken ham burger! At that moment you feel as if there are no worries or negative memories, and only you, the movie and your big burger exists! However, the reason why burgers are so harmful especially at night is because the bread is made of white flour and the patty inside is also fried. Topping all of that are mayonnaise (processed and therefore all the more perilous!) and cheese.


“Ting Tong”, there goes the door bell at 12 midnight, and you rush to the door with a spring in your step to collect the order for your favorite topping pizza! This must be sounding quite familiar to those who usually work in the entertainment industry, live alone and return home late at night from work. It is quite natural that you are dog tired and while eating up the large sized pizza, you are already thinking off dropping dead into your bed. However, do you know that eating pizza and not giving it adequate time to get digested can be the cause of various types of cancer! So control your temptations and order a soup and grilled delicacies if you must.


Ready to eat, easy to carry and instantly energizing, chocolates are something which could be traded for diamonds for people who are addicted to it; and no that was not a hyperbole! Eat if you must however you could choose to eat dark chocolates more frequently than milk chocolates, as the former at least benefits your brain and skin. However, both these chocolates are fattening and unhealthy when consumed just before sleeping. Not only do chocolates fill you with empty calories, they also cause sleep troubles and nervousness.

Red Meat

The meaty pork, beef and mutton steaks could feel like a great motivation and source of comfort when you are buried under high pile of work and have to be awake until you finish that entire chunk! But are you aware of the fact that these tasty non vegetarian dishes increase the level of bad cholesterol in the body and upset the blood pressure levels making them tilt towards the high scale.

Raw salads

Raw salads are great for the body and provide good fiber for the body to function well. However, at night the digestive system of the body becomes exhausted and finds it hard to break down vegetables like onion, cabbage, lettuce or sprouts. Since these food take very long to get digested, eating these foods at night can involve a lot of the energy leaving you feeling exhausted after waking up.

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