Commit to a Healthier Student Life With These 5 Steps

Student Life

A typical student’s life is occupied with things like academics, club activities, and social events that health rarely becomes a concern. With not much consideration to one’s health, one is accustomed to sleepless nights, fastfood, and lack of physical activities.

With these steps, you may be able to change your unhealthy habits. However, these steps may or may not be easy. If you’re looking for easy, then maybe you’re not yet serious about changing your ways.

On a happier note, prioritizing one’s health should not be very difficult and could be a natural thing with these 5 steps:

Step 1: It starts with thinking

They always say that the first step is the hardest. And it should be if it’s the psychological processes of rethinking and enforcement. The following things to do should be easier after this.

Evaluate how you live in the aspects of health. Ask yourself these questions:

– How many hours of sleep do I get on normal days versus cram week? (Nourishment)

– What food do I eat? (Nutrition)

– Do I get enough exercise? (Fitness)

Take note that these are general questions that address health concerns common to students. List concerns that are more specific to your own health lifestyle. Being aware of these important aspects will help you decide what to change and enforce.

Step: 2 Next is doing research to set goals specific to your needs

A student’s diet is usually poor, consisting of processed and instant foods. What don’t you research how much calories is in the burger you last ate and preservatives present in a can of spam? You’ll find out that constantly eating these foods messes up your health. Likewise, find out the kinds of foods you should be eating, the easiest ones to prepare, and the places to get them.

Another is you have determined that lack of sleep is one of your main health concerns. List the things that make you lose sleep and the natural ways for you to have quality sleep.

The more you know, the better your choices are.

Step 3: Then comes a specific, but flexible strategy

Now that you have a broader picture of your lifestyle, you can create specific actions. If you have sleepless nights during an examination period, your strategy should involve time management. Papers and academic work may be the most common reason for your all-nighters, so address this by starting work early or employing study shortcuts.

Another is that your eating habits may have been confined to fastfood and instant products. With your research, make an easy weekly meal plan or just try getting your meals from sources you’ve identified to be pro-health.

As for physical fitness, the easiest you can do is to make sure you have at least 30 minutes of physical activity like walking, jogging, or cycling daily. Walk to/from campus, hit the school gym’s treadmill if you don’t have one at the dorm, and jog on weekends while sightseeing.

Step 4: Determining a strong personal motivation

Motivation comes in different forms. Maybe looking at national statistics on cancer or heart attack fatalities won’t work so why don’t you look at your family history instead?

Some people use their physical figure as motivation to set health goals. Others delve deep to find their motivation to be healthier. For example, they have determined that organic and natural foods are more friendly to the environment than McDonald’s and meat products so they limit their diet to vegetables and free-range animal meat.

Here’s another thing I know that works. How does living generally healthy to be able to enjoy unhealthy sumptuous food once in a while sound to you?

Once you’ve set a strong personal motivation, your transformation will be easier to achieve.

Step 5: Enforcing your plans

Start now. But give yourself time to adjust. Being too worked up in setting things right only guarantees you to abandon the practices you’ve set. If you’ve failed on your second day, just make sure you stick to the plan on the next day. Failing is not a reason to ruin everything and go back to your unhealthy habits. It does take time to alter practices.

What else? Drink more water – 10 glasses or more a day. Trust me, this is the easiest and best thing you could do for your health.

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