How to Come Up with Less Expensive Diet Meal Plans

A lot of people fall in and out of getting fit because they haven’t found the right diet. If you’re experiencing the same dilemma, you don’t have to feel that all hope is lost. So if you’re looking for a diet plan that’s cost-free, healthy, easy, and delicious—Paleo diet is the answer to your problems. Eating like a caveman will work wonders for your body (and sanity).

However, you might say, “Fine. It’s healthy, easy, and delicious, but how about the cost? You can’t deny diet recipes cost money!” Like any problem, there’s always a solution to this particular issue. Don’t give up just yet, because here are a few money-saving tips to help you come up with less expensive Paleo diet meals.

Getting Started

First of all, props to you for planning ahead! It’s something to kick start your diet. If you plan it out and follow it, you’ll see the effects of this diet sooner than not. So the next step is this: know the Paleo diet inside out.

What’re you allowed to eat and not? Simply said, anything that existed since Stone Age is free game. For example, you’re allowed to eat fresh fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, fish and seafood, and certain oils like olive, walnut, coconut, and macadamia. Meat-lovers are welcome to join in, too; the only catch is that you’re only supposed to eat meat from animals that have been pastured or grass-fed.

The Clean 15 & the Dirty 12

Then again… Let’s say you end up in the grocery store late at night hungry and you don’t know the first thing to buy. Or maybe you’re in the market with a small budget, and you’re thinking of food, but you notice that the organic station is empty—or worse, missing! If you know The Clean 15—you’re always going to rest easy. These, you can buy even if they’re non-organic.

1) Asparagus

2) Avocados

3) Cabbage

4) Cantaloupe

5) Sweet corn (although this is debatable because people would say its GMO, so you might want to substitute this with watermelon instead)

6) Eggplant

7) Grapefruit

8) Kiwi

9) Mangos

10) Mushrooms

11) Onions

12) Papayas

13) Pineapples

14) Frozen sweet peas

15) Sweet potatoes

Then, of course, if you have something you can have despite the circumstances, there are also food you MUST stay away from UNLESS they’re organic. Hence, The Dirty 12:

1) Apples

2) Celery

3) Cherry tomatoes

4) Cucumbers

5) Grapes

6) Hot peppers

7) Imported nectarines

8) Peaches

9) Potatoes

10) Spinach

11) Strawberries

12) Sweet bell peppers

When you already know the ingredients, now what?

Searching for recipes online is convenient, but it doesn’t mean doing them is cheap! There are still outrageous recipes out there designed to drain your pocket. Is it really possible to sustain a Paleo diet? How can you make sure you never run out of things to eat?

  • Experiment. Once you’re reviewing for recipes, take note of the processes and not just the ingredients. Try mix and matching food items. Once you’ve taken consideration of the right ingredients to cook, don’t let anything stop you from cooking what you think is going to taste awesome. It’s important to come up with your own recipes.
  • By the bulk. If you’re at the grocery store, buy ingredients by the bulk with your credit card because they’re cheaper. That’s not the only advantage, too. Buying big also gives you the chance to cook in BIG proportions that will last you for days! The less you need to cook new recipes and eat out.
  • Broths. This is one of the best things you’ll LOVE about the Paleo diet. Broths will quench your thirst and hunger—all for a VERY cheap price. They’ll taste awesome, go awesome with veggies, and they can last for days if you make them in advance.

If you’re determined, you can start exercising these three little money-saving tips in your journey in Paleo diet. Your healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to come at a costly price. Don’t be scared to go Primal!

Author’s Bio      

Ryan Del Villar is a writer Money Max, Philippines’ leading online comparison portal and Philippine market news provider. It also provides tips for people who are in need of financial advice.  Ryan is also a freelance writer at Helm Word, an Online Reputation Management company. He worked as an online video editor before he started his writing career.

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