The Most Common Painkillers: What You Need To Know

The way that painkillers actually work can sound a little unsettling. Your nerves are sending pain signals to your brain as an indicator of the problem, and the analgesic elements of a painkilling drug actually blocks these signals, or it changes the way that your brain recognizes these signals.

It’s almost as though the computer that is your brain has been hacked. Of course, any thoughts of strangeness about how the process works is immediately dismissed when the time comes that we actually need a painkiller- whether it’s a hangover, a headache, or a pulled muscle. In the western world, we take painkillers for granted, and aspirin or some kind of painkilling medication can be found in the majority of homes.

When we need something stronger, a fairly strong form of ibuprofen can be obtained without a prescription at any pharmacy. Depending on your doctors’ outlook and your needs, it’s also relatively easy to get a prescription for something much stronger and potentially addictive, such as Oxycodone.

These methods of pain management are things that are simply there for us, whenever we need it, although many citizens in developing countries don’t have these options. So what are some of the most common methods in the world for pain management? And should we really be so willing to allow them as a common part of our lives?

The Most Common

Aspirin is by far the most common painkiller in use in the developed world, and while it’s fairly gentle on the human body, prolonged use can have adverse effects, particularly on the liver as it processes the chemical compounds in the drug. This is worsened when combined with alcohol, and the same risks are present with other over the counter painkillers such as ibuprofen.

most common painkillers

The Hard Stuff

The usage of strong painkillers is highly regulated, and yet it’s possible for this usage to be abused, particularly if the patient becomes addicted and manipulates the way that they present their problem, which can be achieved by exaggerating the severity of the pain, or by visiting multiple doctors in order to receive a prescription. Prolonged usage of these stronger methods of pain relief can also result in liver damage, as well as a reduction in cognitive abilities.

Only if it’s Legal

Recreational marijuana is readily available in Amsterdam, and indeed the city is famous for it. It’s also recently been legalized throughout Uruguay, and is available in a strictly controlled chain of supply as medicinal marijuana in certain parts of the US.

It’s a natural compound, and it’s highly effective in managing chronic pain, as well as having beneficial effects such as stimulating hunger in those whose appetites have been depleted by cancer or HIV/AIDS. Of course, medicinal marijuana should only be explored as an option if it’s legal in your area.

most common painkillersOther Options

There are several other lesser-known methods that can offer an effective solution when it comes to pain injury relief. Botox is not only for actresses who are worried that they’re not 25 anymore, and botox can effectively paralyze damaged nerves, offering immediate, although non-permanent relief.

Radiofrequency ablation involves having heat directed at damaged nerves, and can offer relief for 6 to 9 months. It can also be advisable to encourage the body to repair itself, and gentle low-impact exercise, physical and physiotherapy can help you to achieve this.

Moderation is key when it comes to any kind of chemical based pain relief, since you don’t want to give your body the chance to develop a tolerance. After all, you don’t want to be resistant to the painkilling qualities of the drug when it might really be needed.

Balázs has been intrigued by incorporating a healthy lifestyle all his life. He’s a regular runner and exercises multiple times a week. He believes that to be truly successful in achieving in your health related goals, your main focus should be on your diet. He is currently researching pain injury relief.

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