Product Review: Brooks Ravenna 5 Running Shoes

I’m now a big fan of Brooks running shoes. My first pair of Brooks was the Ravenna 4 which I wore for most of 2013.  My first running shoes was the New Balance 1080 V2 running shoes. These shoes were fine, but they didn’t seem to help my slight over-pronation. This is when I introduced myself to Brooks running shoes. I instantly noticed I liked the Brooks running shoes more. Their shoes are comfortable and give me all of the stability I need.

A couple of months ago my Brooks Ravenna 4s were needing to be replaced. I knew I was going to go the Brooks route, but I was sure of the exact shoe. I tried a couple of the higher end Brooks shoes, but they didn’t beat the feel of the Ravenna 5. They carry the same price of the Ravenna 4s which is $110.

The Ravenna 5 is identical to the Ravenna 4 except for two little things (one good, one bad). The bad thing is, at least to me, the shoelaces could be a couple of inches longer. I always double knot my laces and a little more length would be nice. The good thing is the Ravenna 5 has even a little more cushion than the Ravenna 4. You get a comfortable shoe with all of the stability this pronator needs.

With these shoes I have run a 10K and a 10 miler race with both ending in a Personal Record for me. That’s a good start with new shoes. Just like the Ravenna 4s to me these shoes are the perfect blend of cushion and support as well as handle my slight over pronation.

From the Brooks website:

Swagger your run out with the light and fast feel of these pumped up kicks. Riding the liine between Neutral and Support, the Ravenna 5 gives you that just-right blend of cushion and stability. With BioMoGo DNA now gracing the entire midsole, the extended Segmented Crash Pad delivering full ground contact, and the adjustable saddle wrapping from the heel and midfoot, this shoe plans to take over the world, one foot at a time.

I totally agree with the above quote. If you want to run better and not have to worry about your feet give these shoes a try. Run to your local running shoe store and try out the Brooks Men’s Ravenna 5 Running Shoes.  recommend these shoes to anyone who needs stability with very nice cushioning.

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