Watch Your Dental Braces Disappear Before Your Very Eyes. Just Like Magic!

Dental Braces

Alright, perhaps not so magically, but you can have braces that are not really there. What do I mean? There is a way to get your teeth straightened without having to go through the discomfort (physical and otherwise) that accompany the traditional braces.


Now, we can all identify with the embarrassment and discomfort of having misaligned teeth and the subsequent (and at times, increased) discomfort that accompanies the traditional metal dental braces. Traditionally, the ceramic braces were popular in trying to minimize the visibility of the metal braces. However, the braces were still noticeable and the invisible lingual braces were hard to clean and took longer to adjust in each session. Solution? Enter the Invisalign dental brace.

The Invisalign dental brace borrows its term from two words that represent its form and function. Dentists use this kind of dental brace, like all others, to realign the teeth with the only difference being that it is made of clear plastic making it to appear invisible.

Parents, your teenagers are going to love these braces because they will allow them to have confidence as they go through their treatment, being able to smile without being self-conscious (they have enough to worry about as it is, right?) from this source.

Along with this benefit, your teenager will have the benefit of vastly reduced levels of discomfort that traditional braces usually cause: the pain, mouth sores or ulcers, broken parts of the braces, and the longer time spent cleaning their teeth.

Invisalign braces are removable which makes cleaning them and the teeth much easier and efficient. Each of them is also custom-made to suit your teenagers’ teeth perfectly, which reduces the chances of mouth sores and general discomfort inherent in traditional braces. Depending on the stage of teeth development, there are several treatment options: an adult treatment is called for if your teenage child’s secondary teeth have already erupted. If they have not yet erupted, you can get invisalign teen for your child.

The invisalign teen dental brace has several key features that will be great for your teenager:

  • It gives allowance for eruption of canines and secondary pre-molars and molars.
  • Free custom replacements for lost aligners (yaay!)
  • An attached indicator to gauge wear time.

With all these extra advantages, the most important question still needs addressing – will these braces improve the condition of your teenagers’ teeth? Yes! Invisalign braces’ design helps to move teeth gradually to the correct position without the use of wires or the use of metals. Whether you are dealing with an overbite, cross bite, widely spaced teeth, overly crowded teeth, malocclusions or a mild relapse after the removal of traditional braces, Invisalign braces will have your teen’s teeth back in order in no time.

Each Invisalign aligner is in place for a fortnight before removal. The user then moves on to the next set in the series. The user may only remove the braces when eating, drinking, brushing teeth or flossing. The dentist will advise on the length of the treatment depending on the nature and extent of your teen’s malocclusions.


If your teenager’s teeth are misaligned or really need some work and you are living in Derby invisalign dentist offices are readily available. With these invisible braces, your teenager will be looking forward to every dental appointment.