The Benefits of Swimming Among the Physically Challenged


Swimming is a great low-impact workout that everyone can do. Although swimmers will not feel sweaty and tired while in the water, their muscles get the resistance required of workouts since they cannot move easily while in the pool or beach. In addition, since people can float on water, working out on water is definitely easier than working out on land.

With the facts given above, it is safe to say that this is a great exercise for physically challenged individuals. Below are the specific benefits that physically challenged people can gain from swimming.

It is a fun activity to do
Swimming is an activity that everyone can definitely enjoy, whether they are alone or in the company of friends. Due to the fun they experience while doing this exercise, they do not feel the challenges they face that much. At the same time, the activity offers them a chance to socialise and gain friends.

They can do more with less
There is a significant amount of proof that this point, which has already been mentioned above, is true. When a human being is submerged, he becomes lighter because the total weight of the parts of his body submerged in water is handled by the water in the pool. For example, when he immerses himself to waist-level, his body only bears fifty percent of its overall weight; when dunked to chest level, he will only need to bear 25 percent of his body weight.

The pool, therefore, is a great place for working sore joints, stiff muscles, and other physical problems. For instance, people afflicted by arthritis, who need exercises that strengthen and stretch muscles and offer an aerobic workout, can appreciate some time swimming a few laps, especially if the pool is heated.

Increase of muscle strength and tone
With the above statements, it follows that overall muscle strength and tone are improved because of this exercise. In fact, swimming fares better in increasing muscle strength and tone compared to a lot of aerobic workouts.

It makes the heart stronger
Along with making visible muscles stronger and more toned, swimming, being an aerobic workout, improves the heart, helping it become bigger and more efficient when it comes to pumping blood. This naturally leads to a better flow of blood throughout the body.

As a matter of fact, half an hour of swimming or any other aerobic exercise helps lessen the chances of coronary heart disease happening to a person by forty percent. In addition, regular aerobic exercises help lessen blood pressure.

In addition to the benefits given above, swimming can also help combat the inflammatory response of the body.

Weight Control
There used to be a misconception that because water, in general, is cooler than normal body temperature, it is hard to lose weight by swimming. This, however, has been disproved by science, and today, swimming is considered as a great calorie burner.

Of course, the number of calories that are burned by swimming depends on a couple of factors—his physiology and how intense he swims. Generally, however, (in ten minutes) one person can burn sixty calories with a breast stroke, eighty with a backstroke, a hundred with a freestyle, and 150 with a butterfly stroke.

To increase the amount of calories burned when swimming, it is essential that they consider the use of intervals wherein they work so hard for a short time before recovering. A great way of structuring this type of workout is by swimming 50 metres then resting for ten seconds; then going for 100 metres with a ten-second rest period, then 150, 200—all the way to 300 metres with ten-second rest periods. Cool down by reversing the pattern.

These are the benefits that physically challenged individuals can gain from swimming. Before diving in, it is important that they are properly guided by a fellow swimmer, will be swimming in a safe environment, and have taken in a lot of fluids before dipping in the pool. They should also be asked to avoid overdoing the activity if they have just started.

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