Bulletproof Coffee and the Biohacker Movement

Coffee and the Biohacker

The biohacker movement attempts to use technology and science to help improve body function and efficiency. Dave Asprey, a former technology executive, is a leading figure who has been posting biohacker blog entries and podcasts on his website bulletproofexec.com since 2009. In 2014, his website brought in 6 million unique visitors and Asprey now has 50,000 followers on Twitter and 140,000 on Facebook. Because of Asprey, there is now an ever growing number of people interested in the biohacker movement all over the world.

Ideas he has promoted include orange-tinted glasses to block out blue-spectrum light, allowing you to sleep better; the amount of days (age minus 7, divided by 4) a man should wait between orgasms, derived from an ancient Taoist tradition and coffee blended with butter made with milk from grass-fed cows and an oil derived from coconut oil.

This special blend of coffee and butter has been Christened ‘Bulletproof Coffee’, which claims to make you feel invincible and stimulate your brain. This is apparently down to the mixture of fats and caffeine along with vitamin k and c and an aniracetam, designed to improve brain function, which is intended to provide hours of enlightenment.

Asprey has been experimenting with exercise, diet and sleep for the last 15 years, spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on various medical testing, from genome sequencing to brain scans leading to some very extreme outcomes. He has argued against traditional diet plans including the food pyramid, a 1992 chart encouraging people to eat carbohydrate-rich diets with only a few fats. Asprey believes that proper diets should consist of as much as 70 percent fat, similar to the paleo diet, disallowing any foods that weren’t available to prehistoric man, with very few exceptions.

Asprey is opening his first Bulletproof café in Santa Monica, California serving his coffee as well as other fatty foods. He’s expanded the Bulletproof brand to include supplements, such as his MCT oil, a collagen protein which he says combats against the effects of aging.  In his book called the bulletproof diet he claims that people who follow his high-fat diet can lose a pound a day and someday would like Bulletproof coffee to sell on a similar scale to retail giants Starbucks.

Originally, Bulletproof started as an e-commerce coffee and supplement outlet, but Asprey’s drive and determination to challenge scientific convention has set his products apart. He has travelled the world spreading the Bulletproof message and served his coffee at a whole range of different events including the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and the CrossFit Games in Carson, California.

In 2009, Asprey was eating as much as 4,500 calories a day, consisting of mostly fish, grass-fed meat, butter and coconut oil. He eliminated, what he regarded as “kryptonite foods” like poultry and fish which causes inflammation and spikes in insulin levels which he believes causes weight gain. Despite this high calorie intake, he managed to lose enough weight to develop six-pack abs for the first time in his life.

That diet also included the buttery coffee concept, he is now selling very successfully today. The idea was sparked in 2004, when Aspery travelled to Nepal and Tibet to trek the Himalayas and felt awful due to the high altitude. Asprey said that the local tea and butter infused drink called ‘yak-butter tea’ transformed him making him feel superhuman.

When he returned to the U.S, he tried to reproduce what he had been served. Struggling to emulate what he had been given, he started experimenting with coffee instead of tea and realised that most coffee available contains mold. This drove him to find some low-mold beans from Guetemala and fed them with omega-3 rich coconut oil and grass-fed butter, which is higher in fatty acid than regular butter. The taste proved to be delicious and Bulletproof coffee was born. Asprey hoped that his 450 calorie coffee could be an alternative to other traditional breakfast choices to suppress hunger and provide mental clarity.

In 2011, while working as vice president for a cloud security firm, he began posting blogs and trying to sell coffee beans on his website – it got little attention. It wasn’t until 2013, that his coffee started to gain momentum and people began to take notice, changing from a niche market to the latest Hollywood superfood craze.

It is now being endorsed by celebrities like Rick Rubin, Jeremy Piven, Shailene Woodley, Laird Hamilton, Brandon Routh and even a few members of the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Bulletproof cafe is set to open soon and will be furnished with special lighting that is designed to make you feel more awake and electrically grounded chairs and tables proposed to deplete inflammatory static charge. The first shop is strategically placed in Santa Monica, targeting all the health fad fanatics in Hollywood jumping onto the latest trends.

Edward Martin is a sales and marketing officer at Inn Supplies, writing about all topics related to food and a healthy lifestyle. Inn Supplies are a socially conscious disposable catering supplies company.

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