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W2GH_square_logoThe Ways2GoHealthy Blog accepts both guest and sponsored posts. What is the difference between a Guest Post and a Sponsored Post?

Guest Post:

A guest post is free of charge. The post may not promote your business and it must be relevant content (nutrition, fitness tips, healthy recipes, etc).

No links relating to your site or company website or your client’s website may be contained in the post content itself. This would make it a sponsored post (see below).

Any links contained in the site must be in reference to the content, business or person you are referring to. I prefer at least one image, but it is not a deal breaker. I will review the content and discuss any changes to the text before posting.

Your guest post will include a byline about the author. In the byline you may include a link back to your own website only, not a company you are writing on behalf of or keywords/phrase linked to the company you are writing for. Please see Sponsored Post guidelines for these options.

Sponsored Post:

A Sponsored Post promotes your business or product. A sponsored post can include in-post links to your website or a website you are writing on behalf of, product or social networks and you are welcome to offer our readers a coupon code for your product or service. I prefer at least one image, but it is not a deal breaker. I will review the content and discuss any changes to the text before posting.

The cost of a sponsored post, written by you is $10.00 (made via PayPal or Google Wallet), the post may include up to 3 sponsored links, images and keywords of your choice upon request.


Review or Giveaway Post:

No actual monies are exchanged for a review and/or giveaway post. Your product is the compensation. The combined retail value of the product you send to review and winnings for my reader must be $25.00 or more. The giveaway can be a product you send to the winner or a Gift Certificate for the winner to spend on your products. Do not send me the giveaway – only the review product – the product you send me to review will not be returned. All opinions in the post are those of Ways2GoHealthy.com, you may include any facts or links, but you may not influence the review of the actual product. In order to comply with Google’s quality guidelines these will be “nofollow” links.

A few Rules:

  • Text Ad links MAY NOT be purchased on sponsored posts written by someone else. Write your own, unique content or request purchase of a link on a post which is not a Sponsored Post.
  • Content MUST be unique to my site. If the post is duplicated in part or in full elsewhere online, the post will be unpublished immediately and no refund will be issued.
  • If you write a fact supported post, site the sources your facts came from. That is always nice for everyone involved.
  • The Ways2GoHealthy Blog reserves the right to refuse any guest post, sponsored post, review or giveaway. All content MUST be relevant to the site content. Once the post is on the Ways2GoHealthy Blog it is the property of Ways2GoHealthy.com.
  • In order to comply with Google’s quality guidelines all paid links and review/giveaway links will be “nofollow” links.
  • The rules and fees may change at any time. As new issues arrive, new rules may be applied. I hope you understand.


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I look forward to working with you to help promote your healthy business, products and your Healthy message. Contact Ways2GoHealthy at any time with any questions on how to write for Ways2GoHealthy or to set up a sponsored or guest post.


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