Coffee and the Biohacker
Bulletproof Coffee and the Biohacker Movement

The biohacker movement attempts to use technology and science to help improve body function and efficiency. Dave Asprey, a former technology executive, is a leading figure who has been posting biohacker blog entries and podcasts on his website since 2009. In 2014, his website brought in 6 million unique visitors and Asprey now has […]

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Health Benefits
Health Benefits of Going Green

We all want to live healthier lives. Most of us know the benefits of being eco-friendly. Some may not know that ‘going green’ can and will make you and your family healthier as well. Below we look into many of the ways that all us can make the planet healthier while doing the same for […]

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Quick Guide to Get Toned

Everybody goes for workouts hoping to get that perfect stunning body that is termed attractive to the opposite sex. There is a lot of misconception in having a toned body as some describe it as having curvy muscles or being slim or better yet, being good to look at with well-shaped abs and whatever that […]

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How to Come Up with Less Expensive Diet Meal Plans

A lot of people fall in and out of getting fit because they haven’t found the right diet. If you’re experiencing the same dilemma, you don’t have to feel that all hope is lost. So if you’re looking for a diet plan that’s cost-free, healthy, easy, and delicious—Paleo diet is the answer to your problems. […]

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Student Life
Commit to a Healthier Student Life With These 5 Steps

A typical student’s life is occupied with things like academics, club activities, and social events that health rarely becomes a concern. With not much consideration to one’s health, one is accustomed to sleepless nights, fastfood, and lack of physical activities. With these steps, you may be able to change your unhealthy habits. However, these steps […]

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Infographic: Food For Your Eyes

Have you ever wondered which food groups are best to help your eyesight? The infographic below tells us the foods which the contain the necessary to keep your eyes healthy. Foods like broccoli, spinach, carrots and even salmon are great for your eyes. Further more, all of these foods help specific areas of a human’s eye. 5 bizarre things […]

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Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Do you like coffee? If you’re reading this, you probably do. I know coffee, like eggs, seem to be healthy for us one week and proved unhealthy for us the next week. Well, you may be happy to hear that coffee really does have many health benefits. Recent studies have found no connection between coffee and […]

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Molten Lava Chocolate Pancake Recipe

I first saw Ryan Hall‘s Molten Lava Chocolate Pancake recipe in an issue of Men’s Health magazine. It looked very interesting to me for a good post-workout meal. I had to try it. The original recipe is here. I have altered the recipe to fit my taste. It is one of my favorite post-workout meals. Below […]

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