Coffee and the Biohacker
Bulletproof Coffee and the Biohacker Movement

The biohacker movement attempts to use technology and science to help improve body function and efficiency. Dave Asprey, a former technology executive, is a leading figure who has been posting biohacker blog entries and podcasts on his website since 2009. In 2014, his website brought in 6 million unique visitors and Asprey now has […]

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Healthy Eating
The College Student Guide to Healthy Eating

It’s no secret that a college student doesn’t have loads of money, and because of the shortage of funds, students often resort to a poor lifestyle that is filled with ramen noodles and cheap pizzas.  However, this doesn’t have to be the case if you know how to eat right. Regardless of how much money […]

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Health Benefits of Edamame and Mukimame

Have you ever eaten edamame or mukimame? Have you ever heard of them? You should. Edamame (when sold in a pod) or mukimame (when sold as individual beans) is the end result of soybeans picked at its peak of green maturity. Edamame or mukimame is usually boiled or steamed, but they also work very well in stir-fry dishes, […]

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Molten Lava Chocolate Pancake Recipe

I first saw Ryan Hall‘s Molten Lava Chocolate Pancake recipe in an issue of Men’s Health magazine. It looked very interesting to me for a good post-workout meal. I had to try it. The original recipe is here. I have altered the recipe to fit my taste. It is one of my favorite post-workout meals. Below […]

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Chocolate Blueberry Post-Workout Smoothie Recipe

After a good workout everyone needs to intake a good and healthy supply of protein and carbohydrates in order to recover the right way. A good post-workout smoothie with the right match of what your body is craving (protein and carbs). You’ve probably heard about how chocolate milk is a great post-workout drink. Compared to plain […]

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6 Junk Foods That Are Not As Bad As You Think

Men’s Health Magazine had an article about food we consider junk food which actually may be better for you than you would think.  I wanted to share these 6 foods and add my comments to each one.  There are many snacks out there that is considered ‘junk food’. They have a lot of calories and saturated fat.  As […]

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