The Ways2GoHealthy Blog Now Listed on Alltop

The Ways2GoHealthy Blog is proud to announce that we are now listed on Alltop! We are the newest addition to the Health page and can be found listed here at health.alltop. You can add us or other Health blogs to your MyAlltop. We are very honored and humbled to be included in this list of […]

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Chocolate Blueberry Post-Workout Smoothie Recipe

After a good workout everyone needs to intake a good and healthy supply of protein and carbohydrates in order to recover the right way. A good post-workout smoothie with the right match of what your body is craving (protein and carbs). You’ve probably heard about how chocolate milk is a great post-workout drink. Compared to plain […]

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Floss Your Teeth Twice Daily For Better Overall Health

As the old adage says, “You don’t need to floss all of your teeth, just the ones you want to keep”.  Some see flossing teeth as annoying, but it is an integral part of your overall health.  Flossing regularly not only helps the goings-on in your mouth, but throughout your entire body.  That is why it […]

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Healthy While At Work
Tips For Staying Healthy While At Work

Thousands of ordinary people make the decision to start taking better control of their personal well-being every day, it seems.  However, for those who are struggling to find work-life balance, it’s far too easy to resort to fast food meals and little, to no exercise. With the rise in the number of people who now […]

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What’s Your Real Age? Find Out on RealAge

On Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz’s website, RealAge there is a health quiz you can take which will help you along to reach your healh goals. The quiz focuses in on your health numbers, habits, relationships, diet and fitness. This RealAge health quiz is pretty comprehensive and the results and advice are very informative. Sample questions are: “On […]

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Educate Your Children
How To Educate Your Children About Health And Wellness

Having children is one of life’s greatest joys. From the minute they enter the world, it seems like they are just full of happy – and sometimes not so happy – surprises. The magic of the moment when they speak their first words, take their first steps, and form their first opinions (“I don’t like […]

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Stephen King Offers Funny, Not Scary Tips on Healthy Snacking

In the Oct. 30, 2009 issue of Entertainment Weekly horror writer Stephen King took a break from scaring people and instead wrote an article on a humorous look into snacking while watching TV and movies.  This is soon after writing an article on a gastronomical tour of the movie-theater concession stand.  He is obviously no […]

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Product Review: Brooks Ravenna 4 Running Shoes

When I first started running last year I needed a new pair of running shoes. I settled for the New Balance 1080 V2 running shoes. These shoes were fine, but they didn’t seem to help my slight over-pronation. Once I had reached 400 miles with these shoes I knew I needed new running shoes. Here’s […]

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How and Why to Get Seven Hours of Sleep a Night

Many of us have heard that we aren’t getting enough sleep.  This is very true.  Getting at least seven hours of sleep a night is very important.  It is not just to feel more refreshed the next morning.  There are many more health factors involved here that should be discussed.  Getting enough sleep is another […]

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