Teen Internet Addiction Treatment

Teen Internet Addiction is a behavioral addiction in which teens develop unhealthy behaviors of internet use, characterized by an obsessive amount of time spent on the internet.  This internet use can include general use, chatting, video gaming, and pornographic sites, and occurs in such frequency that it causes negative effects in other areas of the […]

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The Ways2GoHealthy Blog Now Listed on Alltop

The Ways2GoHealthy Blog is proud to announce that we are now listed on Alltop! We are the newest addition to the Health page and can be found listed here at health.alltop. You can add us or other Health blogs to your MyAlltop. We are very honored and humbled to be included in this list of […]

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Nutritiondata.com is a Great Healthy Resource

In my never-ending quest for valid health information I have found the great website nutritiondata. It gives you a cornucopia of health information attached to almost any food. They even have many foods from fast foods joints and popular restaurants. For instance, if you wanted to know the nutritional content of raw strawberries, you would […]

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